The Whole New Minecraft IS Out

Minecraft has become one of the most high rated games today for its thrilling nature. It is a game about smashing and setting down blocks either to build creative structures or for protection against monsters which come out at night. With it’s unique and exciting features such as lots of imagination, nice graphics, survival, a feeling of freedom and creates a wide room for creativity with no limitations, many mobile phone users as well as those who use other devices are becoming increasingly interested in it. You can also get the chance to team up with other players who are online when playing Minecraft. It’s a perfect game for both kids and adults.
Did you know that you can have the joy of playing this action-packed game in your device without incurring any cost for it?What can be more exciting? Today, it is possible to download Minecraft for major devices- windows XP/Vista/7/8, Androids,Windows phones,tablets.. and many others for FREE any time of the day and wherever you are! By downloading this app in your device you can get to enjoy the 2 modes of this game; survival and creative mode. The survival mode is all about protecting yourself by creating blocks while the creative mode is about setting free the players to show their unrestrained imaginations.
Before you take a step to download free Minecraft in your device, its important for you to know that there are different Minecraft editions for different devices. For example, Pocket edition for Androids and other small devices, Windows 10 edition, PC /Mac version and others. There are the old and new updated versions too with new and exciting features.
Are you in for a free Minecraft download? There are lots of websites where you can download the game. One such websites is where you will get a fast and free download of the latest Minecraft edition (15w33c) with no worries of virus invasion.Other websites are, and Most of these websites are not complicated and all you have to do is to click the download button and follow the instructions.
Try out the free Minecraft download today and enjoy the thrilling experience of this game. All you have to do is make sure you have internet connection for the download process, at least 2GB memory in your device and the required hardware device. Start downloading now without spending a penny and enjoy this breath-taking game.

Why Xbox live is so much better than PS4

The use of the word Xbox usually gets our ears grinning from one ear to the other. Xbox is among the most famous gaming devices currently in the market. This is because of its ability to display high quality graphics and also its high performance. Xbox can not only be used as a gaming device but also for watching live TV, videos and also listening to music.This multipurpose aspect has made it quite convinient for large groups of people.

For you to enjoy your gaming experience with Xbox, use of gold codes is essential. These codes can either be easily purchased or gotten as Xbox live gratuit; geting them as free gift. Free Xbox live gold codes are usually in various cards. These are 1, 3 and 12 months cards. Usually these codes are collected and given to a variety of people as a promotional mechanism. Microsoft; the ultimate application of Xbox, is responsible for giving point for promotional purposes thought it also engages in sell points to different interested parties as a revenue generating activity. Xbox live gold code generators are responsible for ensuring that enough points are collected and distributed to frequent users on a free basis.

Various avenues can be used for collecting Xbox gold codes. Some of these include: gathering from the web – different sites usually have these codes, Microsoft collects them and stores them in their database, they are later given away to users as Xbox live gratuit. Giveaways is also another means of distributing these codes. This is usually done manually; codes are collected at a certain place and given to users on a free basis.This is done by other sites other than microsoft.Creation of new codes is also another way through which these codes can be issued to users. This is usually done by Microsoft’s servers, algorithms and a team of experts.

There are a variety of sites which claim to offer xbox live gratuit. When someone orders an Xbox live card they at times come with promo card, since you will be sure when you have the cards, the possibility of being conned can never be ignored. Codes are supposed to be a one-time thing, where by once they are issued, they get deleted from the company’s database. This at times is usually not the case,the same codes get’s issued to different users. This results in the codes only working for the first user.

The demand of the gold code point has been on the raise ever since Xbox capability was noted. With these points you have the ability to compete with other player from different geographical location. You also will enjoy a new level of excitement as you play your games. A richer gaming experience is one of the new levels of excitement which will be enjoyed using these codes,among a variety of other features. The concept of these codes being free is a fantasy to most but in reality they exist on different sites other than Microsoft. They are usually very difficult to find due to their high demand and increased con sites.

Listening to UIC Radio

modern tech
NOTICE: We broadcast using the Shoutcast Streaming MP3 Format.

How to Listen:

  1. Make sure that you posses an MP3 player capable of playing Shoutcast streams; we recommend Apple iTunes(Mac and Windows) or Nullsoft WinAmp (Windows).
  2. Choose a program from the list below.
  3. There is no step three! Enjoy!

Available Streams:

  • UIC Radio Studio — 96k Stream
  • UIC Radio Studio — 128k Stream
  • UIC Radio Remote — Live on Location (UIC Radio Sports & Special Events) — 24k Stream for 56k Modems and higher


Just completed the summer schedule!

The summer schedule has been set and you can view it by clicking on the Schedule link above. This also means we will not be accepting new applicants till the Fall semester. If you are interested in joining as a DJ, you will have to wait until we announce the fall registration window open.